Zero Racers (G-Zero) is a cancelled game for the Virtual Boy that was in development alongside F-Zero X that was close to completion. A prototype exists, since the game was previewed by Nintendo Power and was seen at E3 1996.

Gameplay differs in one important point from its predecessor and all F-Zero games released afterwards. In Zero Racers, it is possible to speed through the three physical dimensions of space in the turning tunnels.


Zero Racers offers 2 modes of play. In "Grand Prix" mode, race one of 3 circuits with 5 tracks each, which makes a total of 15 race tracks. Before each race, the "VTR" mode additionally gives the chance to check out all the obstacles and difficulties of the track while the camera makes a complete lap through the tunnel. The "Practice" mode allows the player to prepare for a Grand Prix without other racers in the tunnel and to go for best times.

Like all other F-Zero titles, the power gauge is still used, which decreases a bit with every collision, but can be reloaded by flying over an energy track on one edge of the tunnel, mostly near the finishing line. Losing too much energy lets the racer lose speed, and eventually, if the bottom of the energy bar is reached, end up in an explosion.

Its possible choose one of four different vehicles, which all have different attributes, so there should be the right vehicle for every player and every track. Captain Falcon, Stingray and Goose are already known as Blue Falcon, Fire Stingray and Wild Goose from the F-Zero series, but instead of Golden Fox, Origammy joined the crew.

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