The X Cup is the final unlockable in F-Zero X. Unlike other cups, the X Cup has no actual tracks of its own. Instead, the game will construct a random one along with the setting itself though it will not feature any additional structures such as tunnels, ramps or loops. All generated tracks under this cup are simply named "X". These tracks can range from simple and easy ones with straight lines and easy curves to absurd designs with sudden shifts in elevation combined with dangerously sharp turns which will more often than not result in the loss of a lot of racers in one fell swoop. Because of the tracks' random nature, the CPU will often blunder into these and veer straight off of the track. They will also not act as aggressively or perform better on higher difficulties, making this one of the much easier tracks. Also unlike the other cups, records and trophies cannot be earned in the X Cup and cannot be selected in Time Attack.

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