Nichi's Machine.

According to the designer, This machine's body is based on the Pilot's worship of his ancestors and love of their art. In addition to these ancient themes, modern aerodynamics were also carefully studied and considered during its construction, and this allows the machine to the highest acceleration possible with its engine, the Louis Ram-JET ll C.

Its small turn radius produces a sensation of slipping while cornering, which may frighten pilots inexperienced at blast turns. Veterans racers, however, know this is a sign that the machine is designed to let them cut corners with small, well timed blast turns. The machine may have paid for its agility by sacrificing overall body strength.

  • Max Speed Normal: 428 km/h
  • Max Speed Boost: 585
  • Boost Time (sec.): 5.3
  • Body Strength (/100): 50
  • Turn Performance: A
  • Turn Balance: D

  • Original Japanese name is Crazy Horse, this was changed for the US and EU releases to prevent controversy regarding racial insensitivity.
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