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Pico's machine is the Wild Goose, which lacks in acceleration, but its durability and cornering make up for it. The machine has the second highest max speed in the first F-Zero game. In this game, Pico's homeworld was Death Wind. The general of Death Wind, which is the special unit of the Polipoto military, designed this machine for use in command of the unit. When the general retired, the Wild Goose's military history was recognized, and it was adopted for racing. The soldier who designed the Wild Goose is a member of the strong fighting spirited Polipoto tribe of Death Wind.[1] It is able to withstand heavy damage and was made to perform attack runs thus making it suitable for Pico's aggressive driving nature. However, its weak acceleration and below-average drifting ability in corners are a bit disconcerting.


In the first game In the folowing games
  • Made by: Sergeant Lipot
  • Engine: ES-8302x3
  • Max. Horsepower:3,670PS
  • Max. Speed:462 Km/h
  • Total Weight: 1620 Kg
  • Number: 06
  • Creator: General Repeat of Death Wind
  • Weight: 3571 lbs.
  • Body: A (B in F-Zero X)
  • Boost: B
  • Grip: C


The Wild Goose's booster resembles the Scorpion booster from F-Zero GX.

One of Pico's interview questions is censored in the NTSC releases of F-Zero GX because Pico mentions that the Wild Goose is "faster than a speeding bullet".


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