White Land is very cold and has constant snow fall, making it a popular spot for tourists. 



In F-Zero, White Land appears twice as the last two courses in the Queen League. White Land 1 has 2 main U-turns and a large amount of Jump pads, Magnets while having a small amount of Snow (Dirt) and slip zones. Afterwards, in White Land 2, it features two tight U-turns, more slip zones and Snow (Dirt), and a tricky jump that can only be completed by pulling down on the D-Pad.

F-Zero X

In F-Zero X, White Land appears 3 times. White Land 1: Dangerous Steps is simple and has a few jumps that can be tricky with too much speed and features a loop, White Land 2: Halfpipe is tricky and is almost entirely a half pipe, and White Land 3 (N64DD EXpansion Kit only) is a star with tons of hazards including slip zones, dirt and mines.

F-Zero GX

White Land never appeared in F-Zero GX, but despite this, there are still beta blueprints for a few tracks.

F-Zero GP Legend

F-Zero GP Legend features two main White Land tracks: White Land - Flower (And it's Expert track) and the original F-Zero White Land 2. White Land - Flower (which appears in the Gold Cup) is in the shape of a flower and has a jump near the middle and slip zones. It's Expert version is much harder to navigate with it's larger amount of slip zones and course changes. White Land 2 has the exact layout from F-Zero except the infamous jump does not need the Down button to land (unless you are using a heavy vehicle).


  • Beastman was attacked by a giant crocodile on planet White.
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