White Land is a very cold planet with constant snow fall, making it a popular spot for tourists.

Aperance and Speculations

White Land Is a snowball planet covered in Pink Snow. The two only known speices on this planet are Humans and Corckidiles. 


In F-Zero, White Land appears twice. White Land 1 is recommended for beginners, while White Land 2 features a tricky jump that can only be completed by pulling down on the D-Pad.

F-Zero X

In F-Zero X, White Land appears 3 times. White Land 1 is simple and has a few jumps and 2 loops, White Land 2 is tricky and has a half pipe, and White Land 3 (N64DD only) looks like a star.

F-Zero GX

White Land never appeared in F-Zero GX, but despite this, there are still beta blueprints for a few tracks.


  • Beastman is from white land.
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