White Land is very cold and has constant snow fall, making it a popular spot for tourists.



In F-Zero, White Land appears twice as the last two courses in the Queen League. White Land 1 has 2 main U-turns and a large amount of Jump pads, Magnets while having a small amount of Snow (Dirt) and slip zones. Afterwards, in White Land 2, it features two tight U-turns, more slip zones and Snow (Dirt), and a tricky jump that can only be completed by pulling down on the D-Pad.

F-Zero X

In F-Zero X, White Land appears 3 times. White Land 1: Dangerous Steps is simple and has a few jumps that can be tricky with too much speed and features a loop, White Land 2: Halfpipe is tricky and is almost entirely a half pipe, and White Land 3 (N64DD EXpansion Kit only) is a star with tons of hazards including slip zones, dirt and mines.

F-Zero GX

White Land never appeared in F-Zero GX, but despite this, there are still beta blueprints for a few tracks.

F-Zero GP Legend

F-Zero GP Legend features two main White Land tracks: White Land - Flower (And it's Expert track) and the original F-Zero White Land 2. White Land - Flower (which appears in the Gold Cup) is in the shape of a flower and has a jump near the middle and slip zones. It's Expert version is much harder to navigate with it's larger amount of slip zones and course changes. White Land 2 has the exact layout from F-Zero except the infamous jump does not need the Down button to land (unless you are using a heavy vehicle).

The Flower circuit has also appeared as the final challenge for Black Shadow's and Rick's Story Modes, only if Rick decides to take the alternate route, named as X. Rick often strts in route X if the player doesn't have enough bounty in order to progress to Big Blue.


In the anime, White Land has made a came on Lap 20, The Disappearance of Mrs. Arrow, in which Mrs. Arrow has gone missing thanks to Zoda who was desperate on changing the weather patterns utilizing the control unit there. It's a very lethal place complete with avalanches, snowstorms, and even a very dangerous circuit wrapped around a mountain. Mrs. Arrow does win the race, and it turns out that Super Arrow utterly hates the cold!


  • Beastman was attacked by a giant crocodile on planet White.
  • White Land is the only track with multiple courses where the music is different in each course.
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