Hey. I can't believe there's only one character (or 2) that represent F-Zero in Smash. There's only Captain Falcon (as well as his alt costume which looks like Blood Falcon in a way). There should be more! I mean, we had Samurai Goroh as an Assist Trophy right? So why wasn't he chosen as an actual fghrer? I don't mind him much, but seriously, where's Black Shadow and maybe Rick Wheeler? Shouldn't they be a part of this? The former's an epic villain and Falcon's gotta have something to fight against; and Rick has always been swept under the rug! He happens to be my favorite pilot as well. So, yeah, there should be more fighters from F-Zero, and Black Shadow and Rick Wheeler have potential! Just as long as they're not clones, like Starfox's. I am so disappointed by this.

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