Here are the song picks for the Canon Foreigners in the F-Zero series (Rick Wheeler, Clank Hughes, Haruka Misaki/Miss Killer/Luna Ryder, and Lucy Liberty. The Death Soldiers don't really count:

For Miss Killer, it's Stranger Eyes by The Cars:

For Lucy Liberty it's Higher by N.M. feat Sunny from DDR Extreme: It really sets her personality very well!

For Clank Hughes, it is The Brazilian from Genesis:

Abd finally, for my all-time favorite pilot in the series, Rick Wheeler! There's his obvious theme from GP Legend, the GBA game, but I also picked these: The first is from Top Gear, Track 4; aka the San Francisco track as I'd like to call it.

The second idea is the English fandub of the finale of the anime, as well as Ending it All by Rage:

Feel free to make your own ideas, and I wish for them to have their official pilot themes in the future, like the ones in GX. Enjoy!

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