Same thing as the title! I know things/relationships are hindered due to the coronavirus outbreak, but I hope y'all having a nice holiday despite the social distancing. I seem to be ok, though. So, I'm working on my new F-Zero fic, To Be Married and Loved, and about my last blog...

If you EVER notice that said user, TheIncredibleIntruder, ANYEWHERE, you've my permission to eliminate him! Do this at all costs! For those who despise sex being used as a weapon, don't be allured by him or his content; he's still around, btw!! I know they're just stories, but any content of his should be prohibited here! The creepypasta/revenge fic should explain enough, and I'm gonna start Round 2 on a chapter of that said fic against how he used Princia Ramode to manipulate Captain Falcon Falcon and all the other racers! I guess it's an implication that the Spark Moon sucks..? Despite the belly dance she presents in her Master Class vid!

I'm not planning on bashing every one, but perhaps someone can join me on this fight!

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