Hey futuristic racing fans. This is just a little something I've been wanting to add to one of my epics, Ending it All. I've decided to create a virtual soundtrack to the story itself; much like a motion picture soundtrack to a feature film. So, here's the track listing in case you're all interested in this as well as the fic itself:

Bonus Tracks

    Octoman's Theme (GX)
    Baba's Theme (GX)
    Samurai Goroh's Theme (GX)
    Daigoroh's Theme (GX)
    Draq's Theme (GX)
    Zoda's Theme (GX)
    Jack Levin's Theme (GX)
    Dr. Clash's Theme (GX)
    Blood Falcon's Theme (GX)
    Mighty Gazelle's Theme (GX)
    Mr. EAD's Theme (GX)
    John Tanaka's Theme (GX)
    Death Wind (original)
    Black Shadow's Theme (GX)
    Deathborn's Theme (GX)
    Jody Summer's Theme (GX)
    Burt's Classroom (anime)
    Dr. Stewart's Theme (GX)
    Without End (anime)
    Resolution (anime)
    A Friend is Nearby (anime)
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