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    Attention, futuristic racing fans, especially those for the anime! I had done some hefty work over the last several days, ever since I noticed The Legend Begins was the only Lap and needed updates, I've added/updated all the English/Japanese versions of all 51 Laps! Not sure if I should find the vids on YT and add them... What do you guys think?

    Feel free to check them out under the Categories F-Zero GP Legend, Episodes, and F-Zero media! In case you can't tell I just love the English dubs, and especially Rick Wheeler! Hopefully, this'll bring me close to the edits my bitter rival, Fanfictiondreamer, did...

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    Disclaimer: Pressure belongs to Billy Joel; I just want to use this as my fallout with Fanfictiondreamer. At first she was an inspiration, now we're just far too different! She represents her version of Misty from The Ultimate Story, while my mascot, Riolu, was running away as he was sobbing and suffering from the pangs of a broken, long friendship!

    If Vienna never worked for you, then perhaps this will!! And some lyrics had been changed to suit the scenario better...

    You have to learn to pace yourself


    You're just like everybody else


    You've only had to run so far, so good

    But you will come to a place

    Where the only thing you feel

    Are loaded guns in your face

    And you'll have to deal with Pressure!

    You used to call me paranoid


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    Indeed! Lightning has officially struck twice as I had released my 2nd revenge fic/chapter on To Be Married and Loved, as spite against IncredibleIntruder's grotesque and domineering concept on utilizing Princia Ramode's Mandala Dance; the 1st strike was for my creepypasta/first-ever M-rated fic, The Lost Legend of Namira as hate against The Gerudo Seduction Dance/Gerudo Era. Not sure what to do if lightning should strike 3 times, though I want to relate it to baseball, but I'm not sure how it'll be done.

    Like I've said, I've no plans on bashing EVERY work he has made, as some franchises seem mediocre to me now (I,e Aladdin, Shantae, Naruto, One Piece, Sonic, Metroid, Bleach, etc.). But still, I hope that fans would stand by my side, especially…

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    Happy Easter!

    April 12, 2020 by TheIkranRider

    Same thing as the title! I know things/relationships are hindered due to the coronavirus outbreak, but I hope y'all having a nice holiday despite the social distancing. I seem to be ok, though. So, I'm working on my new F-Zero fic, To Be Married and Loved, and about my last blog...

    If you EVER notice that said user, TheIncredibleIntruder, ANYEWHERE, you've my permission to eliminate him! Do this at all costs! For those who despise sex being used as a weapon, don't be allured by him or his content; he's still around, btw!! I know they're just stories, but any content of his should be prohibited here! The creepypasta/revenge fic should explain enough, and I'm gonna start Round 2 on a chapter of that said fic against how he used Princia Ramode…

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    Cast of Characters for F-Zero Maximum Velocity (Ikran's Timeline)


    Alexander O'Neil

    Mickey Marcus

    Blitz Wagner

    Jane B. Christie

    Kent Akechi



    Lord Cyber

    Yazoo Jr.

    Clank Hughes

    Rick Wheeler

    Tinsel Steelus

    Lucifer Shadow

    Archer Arrow

    Phoenix Levin

    Luna Stewart

    Faith Williams

    Dai Goroh

    Lucy Liberty

    Lewis Legend

    Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter

    Tinsel Steelus can be found in my blog, My F-Zero OCs.

    Luna, Lewis, Faith, Phoenix, Archer, and Lucifer belong to my good friend and fellow F-Zero fan, Buttscottchpiie.

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