• I live in U.S.A.
  • I was born on December 20
  • I am male (männlich)
Dark Schneider

Deathborn's machine from F-Zero GX

I'm a big fan of Nintendo since I was a little boy. ^^ My hobbies are:

  • Pixel Art
  • website development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL)
  • rendering N64 games (removing backgrounds)
  • turning F-Zero GX animations from the ISO file into GIFs
  • writing lengthy bios and stories about OCs (mostly not related to any franchises)
  • thinking deeply about things and sometimes creating charts or images that showcase what I'm thinking of or notice
  • making cursors and fonts, but only if I had more reason to do so...

If you want me to do something just ask, okay? I love it when someone contacts me. ^^ However, I'm not anyone's servant, meaning you can't just demand for stuff and then not even say thank me afterwards. -_-

I've contributed in the Bomberman, Kirby, and Donkey Kong Wiki a lot of N64 renders, and may tackle some other wikis to provide them with better images too. ^^ That is, if I see any point in doing that. If no one cares about me doing it, then I won't.

You can find a lot of renders (not just F-Zero GX) on my deviantART page. ^^ Take whatever you need or ask me any questions you like, okay? =)

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