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==machine synopsis==
==machine synopsis==
*number: 43
*body: c
*boost: c
*grip: e
*creator: icy[[File:Aqua_shot.JPG|thumb]][[File:Icy's machine logo.png|thumb|172x172px]]
==f zero tv==
==f zero tv==

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rosalina was annoying. it's penguins instead of cats. lights are stupid. i hate meowser. i need mutants to replace her. my servants are budew, cleffa, cherubi, ralts, gardevoir, gothitelle, spritzee and more.

machine synopsis

  • number: 43
  • body: c
  • boost: c
  • grip: e
  • creator: icy
    Aqua shot
    Icy's machine logo

f zero tv

  • Q: Congratulations on your stunning victory!
  • A: i will rule over the sprixie kingdom.
  • Q: Can you tell us why you became an F-Zero racer?
  • A: it's an event.
  • Q: That's a great machine you've got there.
  • A: this is the aqua shot. *close-up shot of the vehicle*
  • Q: I'd love to ride in that kind of machine just once in my life!
  • Q: What was the key to your victory?
  • A: mutants!
  • Q: Your rivals are howling for revenge!
  • A: don't touch the bells.
  • Q: A message for all your TV fans out there?
  • A: pokemon are my minions.
  • Q: The winner of the Expert Class. Congratulations!
  • A: i will kill meowser!
  • Q: What are your plans, now that you've won?
  • A: save the sprixie kingdom.
  • Q: How will you use the one billion space credits in prize money?
  • A: to spend it on plush toys.
  • Q: May I have your autograph, Champ?
  • A: i love my autograph.
  • Q: I'd like to present this autograph to one lucky viewer on

F-Zero TV! Here's the address! *points to some unintelligible symbols/coordinates*

  • Q: a message from gothitelle?
  • A: you will kill rosalina.
  • Q: a message from pikachu?
  • A: you will kill peach.
  • Q: can you get bells?
  • A: i will remove bells and replace them with penguin suits.
  • Q: did you see the skipsqueaks?
  • A: yes.
  • Q: a message from the sprixies?
  • A: you are stupid idiots.
  • Q: can you prevent them from turning into cats?
  • A: i will give penguin suits to mario so he dosen't climb.
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