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The Twin Noritta is unusual not only for having two cockpits, but also being incredibly light in spite of this. The reason is due to the machine being made of a special metal unique to Gomar and Shioh's home world of Huckmine. This makes the vessel light, but also not as durable as other machines. As a result, their machine is best when it can stay ahead of other racers and avoid being pushed into walls. This is made easy due to the machines great boost and decent handling, although it does have a low top speed.

  • Number: 22
  • Creator: Onigiri Drive Yard Co.
  • Engine: KOM-E246x2
  • Weight: 780 kg
  • Body: E
  • Boost: A
  • Grip: C


  • The Twin Noritta is the lightest vehicle in the series.
  • The Twin Noritta is the first vehicle in the series to feature multiple cockpits, the second one being the Pink Spider. They are also in the "lightweight" category, due to weighing below 1200 kg's.
  • In the anime, the Twin Noritta is seen multiple times during various races even before episode 19: "Lucy's Epic Duel" in which it is first built.
  • The Twin Noritta bears a resemblance to the Cloud Car, a flying vehicle from the Star Wars franchise.