• I just got involved in undoing a crapload of unwanted edits on Wikitubia; Fawful's Minion's page. There were several newbie users, which I believed to be scammers/maybe hackers, and I informed the admin there immediately! No response, and I couldn't undo them; hell, even "Restrictions" were removed. So I undid the edits myself, and had to type the background from memory. I hope the legit users would restore the page eventually. That was quite a fright, knowing there could be hackers out there! And I also listed them on my Message Board as well. Basically it was just a bunch of Breaking Bad/Mexican/Better Call, Saul bullshit.

    Whew, this better NOT happen here!!

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    • Right...well I'm here and you are here, this means we are both here. So I am certain we can manage the F-Zero wiki with care. Don't you worry!

      On a side note I am feeling hungry for pizza and action. No clue why I am writing this.

      Give it some time and check back later with the Admin's response? Perhaps they are busy?

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    • Actually yes he was busy, he did realize the problem, albeit late. I gave him a list of suspects even, and he verified that not all the users were responsible; I apologized to each one, too. But yeah, I fixed the problem as best I could, and I'll alert him the next time it happens, he'll be more vigilante next time.

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