• Good news everyone! I played GP Legend, it is nice but hard! Resembles the NES one, which is already hard for me. The Story Mode adds nice character depth.

      I am able to take screenshots of GP Legend so let me know what should be needed for F-Zero Wiki, thank you. 

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    • It...may seem hard at first, but I mostly had trouble w/ one of Rick's missions, as well as using the baddies; ergh, never crazy about 'em anyway.. Also, congrats, hope u like it! :) I find it to be the most underrated title in the series, and maybe the first stepping stone for new F-Zero fans. Yes it plays like the original, but it sure is BETTER than Max Velocity!! They say it's the most elementary/rushed in the series, so I'm sure it'll grow on you quickly. And hey, knock yourself out w/ this entry!

      Also, yes, it works with Messages, but I'm not sure on actual Blogs.

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    • I wasn't aware there was an F-Zero Climax. What is that and standing point of how strong it is?

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    • Eh, don't ask how it's named; it's really not. If anything, I say it's actually worse than its predecessor. I recommend checking out Ephraim's LP.

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    • Ephraim's LP? What is that?

      It appears a Tournament is coming up soon for F-Zero Climax. DETAILS HERE. This is a great oppurtunity to show off your incredible racing skills! I will join to try it out. I am certain you have much more experience with Climax than I do! Best wishes to the both of us and practice hard!

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    • Eh, I'm not ver big on Climax; the AI's always so damned aggressive, and the announcer can distract you so much since he never shuts up! Maybe TheRevivedRacer can be a better candidate.

      Also if you wanna see what I mean, here's the link:

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    • No, I believe in you, but please take the time to read the rules. Oh wait the rules are on Discord, aren't they? Please do not be afraid to sign up, I know you can do this. I could ask TheRevivedRacer but he has been pretty silent currently.

      According to the two F-Zero Discords:

      Time Attack Mode

      Silver Cup

      All 3 Difficulties in a row, from novice to master.

      (EDIT) Huh, two F-Zero Discords, the Standard and Underworld Grand Prixs?

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    • Well I did what I could and that is that. Obviously I do not stand a chance against the super veterans, but I am glad I participated. Here is the link if you wish to see my best times. It expires in about a week. Take care.

      F-Zero CLIMAX Silver CUP Time Attack by DSXZ

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    • Yeesh, neither would I. Like I said, the AI's agressive in Climax, even if it is Novice; like GX's Story Mode! I wouldn't stand a chance either, wish I could've watched it though. Hey, who won?

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    • I will leave SnakeLancer's video here as well. I feel so embarassed watching this. I was like, driving carefully compared to the super experts. I am not perfect but I know the basics so I hope I can one day prove this in a Multiplayer race. Thanks.


      There is also a Discord link for where the main attraction took place: THE LOCATION!

      (ignore the deletion. The interned acted up again and duped my message.)

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    • Eh, it happens; mine tends to do that a lot since it has low reception. Errrgh!

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