• Cool, since the pilots have voice clips! I hope maybe you can find them for the canon foreigners. I know it's gonna be a longshot, but maybe can you find them from the anime? I'm not sure how these things work. Did you find them yourself, or edit them and cut out the bkgd noise?

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    • I will do what I can, thank you. I  believe I found the In-game Voice Clips originally sourcing from the Disc itself. The Sound Effects such as these required some 'work'.:

      You Got Boost Power!

      I also had help from F-Zero online Discord server with confirmation on the 'original' names of the files (such as Gordon, Boss and Sherlock). For the Anime, sounds to me like advance audio ripping will be needed.

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    • Yeah, and the 4Kids dubs can be rare to come across. Idk anything about editing, but I wish you the best of luck; some people had recommended advanced programs like Sony Vegas to do it, but it can be pricey.

      Also, the sound clip's not working.

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    • The one posted? I have no idea why, but will look into this. It works on my User Page.

      I forget which program I used for Audio, but I've heard Audacity works well with Audio Ripping. We simply do what we can at the moment, thank you.

      Perhps Sound Clips just do not work on Talk Pages? Too small a page or not programmed for use with it?

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    • I'm not sure how they work, but I realized it's only the Boost Power quote so it's not really too important to me; all I want are those from the anime.

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