• Why do you have multiple accounts? Are you not satisfied with your one account, who you are? I would suggest not to spam too many acounts, as to save storage space for Wiki necessities. Please and thank you.

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    • we are international

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    • Okay, I do not understand why the need for multiple accounts, but I do not like the added song on this Wiki. It is not F-Zero and shouldn't belong. Why? Because I am already adding official soundtracks, and this is a professional Wiki site to which I stand by quite seriously. 

      This track you uploaded makes it feel too 'copyrightey'. I am sorry, I know you care and are a fan, but I am not going to take any chances. I am going to have to delete the soundtrack from this Wiki. Please understand, thank you.

      (EDIT) Ignore the bottom removed message. This Laptop added the message twice. I am not in the mood for problems.

      (Double EDIT)  You do realize your multiple accounts are seen all around FANDOM, correct? Example:

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    • DarkraiShadowXZ
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      Dumb error!
      01:08, April 4, 2020
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    • A FANDOM user
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