Alexander O'Neil's F-Zero machine, The Stingray.

With two engines stacked on top of each other, Alexander O'Neil 's sturdy Stingray can maintain its 525 km/h boosted speed for up to twelve seconds.

This Stingray has two Mugler FORCE-JET-88 engines stocked on top of one another and a unique body design. The machine, which resembles a series of fins, Was Aerodynamically designed to surpass the distance Nichi's Wind walker has recorded off of jump plates. Its design is also unique in that is uses air resistance as a tool when cornering. the downside to using air resistance is that it makes The Stingray loses more speed than any other machine in the corners. As compensation, The Stingray suppresses magnetic friction, allowing it to maintain its inertia on straight stretches.

  • Max Speed Normal: 460 km/h
  • Max Speed Boost: 525
  • Boost Time (sec.): 12
  • Body Strength (/100): 85
  • Turn Performance: C
  • Turn Balance: C
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