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The Skull (Arbin Gordon in the JP version of F-Zero X) was once the greatest driver in the F-MAX Grand Prix, a competition that predates the coming of F-Zero by some 200 years. Thanks to the inexplicable powers of science and black magic, he has returned to this world to compete once again. With his remarkable technique and decision-making powers, he now has a chance to extend his legacy into a new generation.

Sonic Phantom

What happened after F-MAX is unknown, but two hundred years later, he emerged as a figure composed of only a skeleton. He joined the F-Zero Grand Prix to compete yet again, with the Sonic Phantom as his machine. He's become an even better pilot than before, as he now no longer fears death and can make split second decisions better than ever before.

In the anime, his incarnation plays a supporting antagonist role, where he works for the Dark Million organisation as a henchman, and his black magic powers come to use. His backstory was also changed to that of an F1 racer revived by the anime counterpart of Black Shadow, but this is only from F-Zero Climax and not an element explained in the anime.


  • He's the oldest F-Zero pilot with a known age. However, considering that the ages of many racers (such as Deathborn) are unknown, it is also possible that he isn't the oldest.
  • He is named "Arbin Gordon" in the JP version of F-Zero X, and hinted at within the files of F-Zero GX.
    • The Skull's in-game Voice Clips and model from F-Zero GX makes reference to this, as the internal data names them gordon.
    • Sterling LaVaughn is not a canon nor official name, as the F-Zero X website bios contradict heavily with actual canon and official information in both English and Japanese F-Zero content.


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