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The Elite Mobile Task Force (minus Rick and Falcon)

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The Elite Mobile Task Force, aka the Elite Galaxy Platoon, is a group of racers and police officers who are destined to thwart the plans of the Dark Million Organization. They were enlisted by The Commissioner, also known as the Chief, who runs all of Mute City's police forces.


The following members are shown here:

  • Rick Wheeler (リュウ スザク Ryū Suzaku?): The protagonist and the hero of the English version. Rick was killed in an accident while chasing Zoda. He was revived 150 years later and joined the Elite Mobile Task Force. He is revealed to be the chosen Savior who will play an integral role in defeating Black Shadow. During the final battle, Captain Falcon tells him that the name of "Captain Falcon" is a title given only to the best, that "only the one who can exceed Falcon can become Falcon" and it was also mentioned by Blood Falcon prior to that as there's only one Falcon. From then on, Rick is Captain Falcon. After Black Shadow's defeat and Captain Falcon's sacrifice shortly thereafter, Rick is the new Capt. Falcon.
    • Voice actor: Frank Frankson (Greg Abbey)
    • Seiyū: Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Captain Falcon (キャプテン ファルコン Kyaputen Farukon?): The main protagonist in the Japanese version, he is shrouded in mystery. When not racing, he works at a bar that he owns under the name Bart/Burt Lemming. Also, he's actually Andy Summer, Jody's brother, who apparently died in the accident that revolved around Zoda. He fights constantly against Black Shadow and the Dark Million Organization, and often lends a hand to the Task Force. In the middle of the series, "The Legend of Falcon" is told to Ryu Suzaku by Dr. Stewart. According to the legend, Captain Falcon and Black Shadow are incarnations of light and dark, and in the manner of Yin and Yang, they can't defeat each other on their own. Also, in the beginning of the Universe, after the Big Bang, six powerful objects called "Reactor Mights" were created, and the one who controls them all gains unimaginable power. It is also revealed that Ryu Suzaku is "The Savior" of the Universe and is destined to finally tip the scales in Falcon's favor. In the end, Falcon and Ryu team up to destroy Black Shadow's Dark Reactor with their collected Reactor Mights, and both Falcon and Shadow are thrown into the exploding Reactor. When an enraged Black Shadow flies through the air to attack Falcon, he jumps out of the Blue Falcon and uses a devastating Falcon Punch to destroy him. Captain Falcon is then apparently consumed by the galaxy-sized explosion. His helmet is later recovered from the debris of Black Shadow's base and is then donned by Ryu, who becomes the new Captain Falcon.
    • Voice actor: David Willis
    • Seiyū: Hideyuki Tanaka
  • Jody Summer (ジョディ サマー Jodi Samā?): The strict leader of the Elite Mobile Task Force, Jody comes down hard on anyone who messes up the mission, including Lucy when she wants to join the team. She wants Rick Wheeler to be on her team; it is revealed early in the series that she isn't entirely human due to an accident she and her brother, Andy, were in years ago that revolved around Zoda.
    • Voice actor: Veronica Taylor
    • Seiyū: Kikuko Inoue
  • Jack Levin (ジャック レビン Jakku Rebin?): A ladies' man who starts off as a rival against Rick, but later becomes his friend, even getting him out of trouble when Rick screws up.
    • Voice actor: Marc Thompson
    • Seiyū: Kazuki Yao
  • Dr. Stewart (ドクター スチュアート Dokutā Suchuāto?): Robert Stewart was once a surgeon but became a racer after his father, Kevin Stewart, died. Captain Falcon entrusted him to pass on the Legend of Falcon to Ryu Suzaku.
    • Voice actor: Dan Green
    • Seiyū: Nobuo Tobita
  • Lucy Liberty (ルーシー リバティ Rūshī Ribati?): Another female member of the Elite Mobile Task Force. She's young and very sweet, always trying to stay on everyone's good side. As well as a fangirl of the F-Zero races and a young, entrusted apprentice to the mechanic Dr. Clash.
    • Voice actor: Amy Birnbaum
    • Seiyū: Nana Mizuki
  • Dr. Clash (クラッシュ Kurasshu?) / Dr. Clash: An engineer who wants to become an F-Zero racer.
    • Voice actor: Maddie Blaustein
    • Seiyū: Isshin Chiba
  • Mr. EAD: Member and android of the Mobile Task Force. He is a fan of Kate Alen.
    • Voice actor: Wayne Grayson
    • Seiyū: Yasunobu Iwata
  • John Tanaka: Head cop of the Mobile Task Force. He is an obsessive fan of Kate Alen since he's good friends with her manager, even when he wants her to be his date. He seems very wimpy when it comes to a leader.
    • Voice actor: David Lapkin
    • Seiyū: Isshin Chiba
  • Clank Hughes (Tek in the English Dub): He's the young tech geek and orphan from the Planet Forno. He becomes an indirect member of the team as he looks up data for any unknown threat, or those in Dark Million.
    • Voice actor: Amy Birnbaum
    • Seiyū: Rika Komatsu
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