The Creator, inside the fused Championship belt.

The Creator is actually three spectral beings who claim to be the creator of Planet Earth and Deathborn, but do not claim to have made the universe. They serve as a secret rival in the F-Zero GX story line, where you had to beat them in a race in the last level as Captain Falcon, where they are ultimately defeated. The Creator is presumed to be the game developers, and they race Captain Falcon using a staff Ghost.

They drive a vehicle similar to the Blue Falcon, except in a ghost-like form.

Creators (gx).png
Creator inside a belt.png


"We are the creator." "We created the whole world." "What a surprise, you beat Deathborn, with our best creation."

(After Falcon questions their motives)

"To tell you the truth, there are no universal forces." "Now you are the Champion of the two Grand Prix." "We'll take out your soul from your body and turn it into our creation."

(after creating the Staff Ghost)

"Are you ready? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha"


  • The colors of the three armors the spectral ghosts wear are Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Theses colors represent the three different top places in races. (Gold for 1st place, Silver for 2nd place, and Bronze for 3rd place.)
  • One of the dialogue says "What a surprise, you beat Deathborn, with our best creation." However, the word with doesn't appear within the subtitles.
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