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Finale Enter the Creators all three inside belt

The Creator, inside the fused Championship belt.

The Creator is a combination of three spectral beings condensed within the combined Grand Prix Championship belt. The Creator claimed to be the creator of the entire F-Zero world (hence their name). Judging by the way they speak, they refer to themselves as three separate entities belonging to one mind, always using "we".


They are vaguely alluded to in Chapter 8, where Deathborn states to Captain Falcon that both the F-Zero Championship belt and the Underworld Grand Prix belt possess the forces of Light and Dark respectively, and that when the two forces become one, it is possible to seize its combined power (to which Deathborn would ultimately desire in order to destroy and reshape the Universe as he saw fit). It is unknown if Deathborn ever knew of The Creator's existence as he attempted to control The Creator's world-building power condensed within the Ultimate Championship belt. Nonetheless, his plans are cut short as Captain Falcon beats him in a race and sends his machine plummeting to its doom. A victorious Captain Falcon then witnesses the two belts combine into the Ultimate Grand Prix Championship belt and then soon it attaches to his waist. Falcon then promises to keep winning so that the evil forces never lay hands on the belt.

During the final chapter, as Captain Falcon rests within his Headquarters, he places the belt above a frame hanging on a wall. Soon, voices begin to emanate from the belt, to which Falcon hears and questions. The voices reveal themselves as The Creator and claim to have created the entire world. They then respond (possibly sarcastically) that they are surprised Falcon beat Deathborn with their "best creation". When questioned about their motives, The Creator "truthfully" states that there are no universal forces, then they declare that Falcon being the winner of the two Grand Prix, The Creator announces they will rip out Falcon's soul from his body and turn it into their own creation. With that said, three spirits each wearing an armor of gold, silver, and bronze respectfully, emerge from the belt and combine to become a Phantom Blue Falcon. Falcon brushes off their scheme and jokingly asks if they really can defeat him, before hopping into the real Blue Falcon and challenging the Phantom in one final race.

The Creator served as the final racing challenge opponent in the F-Zero GX story mode, where Captain Falcon had to race against them on Phantom Road with his soul on the line. The Creator's behavior acted as a Staff Ghost seen in the game's Time Attack modes, where he had to out race the Staff Ghost under a faster time than the Phantom Blue Falcon. After Captain Falcon achieves victory, the Creator dispels from its Blue Falcon form and vanishes howling, never to be heard from or seen again.

The Creator is presumed to be the game developers, as they race using a staff Ghost in the form of the Blue Falcon. All of these spectral beings were voiced by Walter Roberts (First spectral being, Using the tone of Deathborn), Jack Merluzzi (Second spectral being, Using the tone of Black Shadow) and Michael Naishtut (Third Spirit, Using the tone of John Tanaka) being (Uncredited Roles) in all cases.

Creators (gx)
Creator inside a belt


  • "We are the creator."
  • "We created the whole world."
  • "What a surprise, you beat Deathborn, with* our best creation."
  • (After Falcon questions their motives)
  • "To tell you the truth, there are no universal forces." "Now you are the Champion of the two Grand Prix." "We'll take out your soul from your body and turn it into our creation."
  • (After creating the Staff Ghost)
  • "Are you ready? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

*does not appear in the subtitles.


The Creator Mugshot

Unused head model.

  • The colors of the three armors the spectral ghosts wear are Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Theses colors represent the three different top places in races. (Gold for 1st place, Silver for 2nd place, and Bronze for 3rd place.)
  • One of their lines of dialogue says "What a surprise, you beat Deathborn, with our best creation." However, the word "with" is not shown in the subtitles, leading to much confusion as the subtitles state "Deathborn" was their best creation. This isn't entirely false, as Deathborn is part of the F-Zero world the Creator created.
    • The context is meant to apply to the Blue Falcon. Being treated as the "best creation" likely refers to the Blue Falcon's numerous appearances and most well-balanced stats within the entire F-Zero series, appearing since the very first F-Zero game and all F-Zero games thereafter in one form or another.
  • An unused head model of the Gold Creator exists within the files of F-Zero GX. It appears that this was to be used in a Lap placement slot similar to other unique head models seen in Story mode. However in the final game, The Creator simply uses a Staff Ghost, which has no use for the Lap Placement sidebar. A folder named test_model is also present within the Staff Ghost's folder, but is empty.
  • Despite being called "The Creator", the name of the final chapter uses the name as plural ("The Creators").