GP legend Story Mode

Story mode in GP Legend

Following the steps of F-Zero GX, GP Legend includes a Story Mode. Different from the one in GX, here the player can use 8 different characters, each one with their stories. In some points their stories coincide. At first, only Rick Wheeler's story will be initially available, but as certain missions are completed, other player's stories become unlocked for playability.

Like the Story Mode of its predecessor, this story mode contains racing missions which must be completed under various circumstances. Also like GX, you earn Reward money (essentially points instead of tickets,) which you could use to unlock other pilots for Grand Prix Mode; however, this is done randomly once you earnings had been maxed out for a pilot you're using (initially at $2,550,000,000).


Rick Wheeler

Rick Wheeler GP Legend

Status: Available by default.

Location/Track Mission Notes Reward
Mute City #1: Reach the goal before Octoman! $200,000,000
Mute City #2: Reach the Goal before Zoda! Captain Falcon is included within the chase. $100,000,000
Fire Field #3: Win the race! Lap: 5 $500,000,000
Port Town #4: Reach the place where Jody Summer is held before time expires! Time limit is 41 seconds. $100,000,000
Big Blue

(Slip Highway)

#5: Beat Zoda or help Jack win! Brakes are disabled for the entire race. $430,000,000

X. Win the battle with Black Shadow!

Captain Falcon

F-Zero GP Legend GBA Captain Falcon with Blue Falcon

Status: Unlocked by clearing Rick Wheeler Mission #2.

Location/Track Mission Notes Reward
#1: Overtake Clash before the goal!
#2: Rick or Falcon must finish before Zoda!
#3: Beat Samurai Goroh in the race (with no boost)! 
#4: Beat Blood Falcon at all costs!
#5: Win the race!

X. Help Jody Summer beat Blood Falcon in the race! (Jody must win first place)

Jody Summer

Status: Unlocked by clearing Rick Wheeler Mission 4.

Location/Track Mission Notes Reward
#1: Beat Michael Chain in the race!
#2: Enter the race illegally and beat Blood Falcon!
#3: Don't let Blood Falcon out of your sight!
#4: Win the platoon members' race!
#5: Beat Blood Falcon to the finish!

Jack Levin

Status: Unlocked by clearing Rick Wheeler Mission 3.

  1. Beat the doctor.
  2. Beat Michael Chain in this race using a faulty machine! (No faults here)
  3. Destroy Blood Falcon's machine!
  4. Win the platoon members' race.
  5. Win the race!

Samurai Goroh


  1. Win the race in this tough-to-handle machine. (Decreased Handling)
  2. Beat Lisa!
  3. Beat Captain Falcon in the race (with no boost).
  4. Get away from Black Shadow! (Win the race without being overtaken by Black Shadow)
  5. Beat Antonio Guster!

Lisa Brilliant

  1. Win the Race!
  2. Beat Samurai Goroh!
  3. Beat Antonio Guster!
  4. Win the battle against Zoda!
  5. Beat Black Shadow!

Black Shadow

  1. Do a Side Attack on Lisa's Machine!
  2. Destroy Zoda's Machine.
  3. Destroy Samurai Goroh's machine.
  4. Win the race!
  5. Win the battle with Rick Wheeler!


Location/Track Mission Notes Reward
#1: Get away from Rick and Falcon!
#2: Beat Black Shadow!
#3: Beat Lisa!
#4: Destroy all the machines in the race!
#5: Beat Rick and Jack in the race!


  • The way story mode is played could be a possible reference to a Bounty Hunter's profession (specifically Captain Falcon's), as the player is rewarded money for completing certain tasks assigned to them.


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