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The following is a list of all quotes spoken by Spade.

F-Zero GX (F-Zero TV Interview)

Dialogue Voice Clip
"Did you see the trick I pulled during the race?"
"I wanted to put on a show on the greatest stage in the galaxy!"
"It is beautiful, isn't it? I wouldn't trade it for the world."
"Strategy. Not even the seasoned racers could anticipate my strategy."
"Make sure you have life insurance! Next time I raise the danger level!"
"All those crashes and explosions. We hope you enjoyed the show!"
"Even your most ambitious racers are mere children compared to me."
"Have my splendid magic broadcast through the galaxy!"
"One billion? Hm hm...a little magic, and I can triple that!"
"I don't usually give autographs, but okay."
"Don't focus so much on the finish line that you miss the tricks I am pulling right in front of you!"
"Sawing bodies in half."
"I've experienced all the thrills the galaxy has to offer. But nothing beats magic."
"Very underwhelming. None of my preparation was even necessary."
"You mean by body? When I was born, I was enclosed in a globe."
"My three-year-old son. He's starting to look just like me."