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{{CharacterTab|Leon|Leon GX-AX Icon.png|Space Angler GX-AX Icon.png}}
{{CharacterTab|Leon|Leon_Icon_(Climax).png|Space Angler GX-AX Icon.png}}
|title = [[File:Space Angler Logo (GX-AX).png]]
|title = <tabber>
|-|F-Zero GX/AX = [[File:Space Angler Logo (GX-AX).png]]
|-|F-Zero GP Legend (GBA) = [[File:Space Angler Logo (GP Legend GBA).png]]
|image = [[Image:Space_angler.jpg]]
|image = [[Image:Space_angler.jpg]]
|caption = Leon's vehicle, the Space Angler.
|caption = Leon's vehicle, the Space Angler.

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Leon Icon (Climax) Pilot Quotes Machine Space Angler GX-AX Icon

The Space Angler is an F-Zero machine piloted by Leon.


The Space Angler was designed by Fable, one of the creatures involved in the force that was invading Leon's homeworld. Disgusted by the merciless tactics by his comrades, he double-crossed his own kind and became a hero of Zou by leading them to victory. He engineered the Space Angler to soften the blow of the planet's continued poverty. The machine is notable for being extremely light and having an excellent grip for hugging corners. Leon currently pilots this machine.


  • Number: 19
  • Creator: Fable Animal
  • Engine: ANIM-01-7x2
  • Weight: 910 kg
  • Body: C
  • Boost: C
  • Grip: A


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