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The Silver Rat is an F-Zero machine piloted by Dai Goroh.


Dai Goroh didn't want to pilot a machine similar to the Fire Stingray driven by his father, Samurai Goroh, so he chose the Silver Rat. The craft is actually modeled after the Green Panther, the machine is driven by one of Goroh's enemies, Antonio Guster. It has exceptional boost abilities, but its grip power suffers as a result. The Silver Rat is slightly smaller than the craft it was modeled after, which makes its body strength significantly less. It, therefore, requires increased pilot control to avoid contact with other machines during races. The Silver Rat also has the lowest top speed of any F-Zero vehicle, making it very difficult to win with.


  • Number: 35
  • Creator: Toraemon Echigoya
  • Weight: 880kg
  • Body: D
  • Boost: A
  • Grip: D


  • Because of an offset of a poor body structure, the Silver Rat is the smallest F-Zero GX/AX machine in the game.
  • The Silver Rat's stats (DAD) may reference Dai Goroh's father.
  • The Silver Rat is often referred to as the Worst F-Zero machine of all time.


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