• Age: 98
  • Sex: Male

People call Neelson "Ironman Silver."

No racer has entered more F-Zero races than Mortimer "Silver" Neelson. He's raced for decades now and has never missed a single race in his career. However he has never won a single Grand Prix in his many years of racing. Despite this he is quite a fan favorite for being the ultimate underdog. Amongst many people it is understood that eventually Neelson will finally start winning races - a thought that has made a lot of money for the gambling businesses.

However his old age has caused many pilots to think of him as a joke and that he should retire. Although he has considered doing so, he feels that he'll probably keep racing even after he turn 100. In his old age he has got rather crotchety about racing and criticizes some of the new fangled devices used by the younger pilots. Despite that, he's considered a great mentor and just buying him a few drinks, pilots can get as much advice in an evening as you would in a year of racing.

Silver still loves the old-school machines, and he’s become quite crotchety in his old age; he often criticizes the newfangled machines that other pilots are racing.

If Silver Neelsen happens to win the Grand Prix, he said he would open the Silver Neelsen Museum with the prize money of 1 billion space credits.

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Silver Neelson
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