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Silver Neelsen is a racer who has been known for frequently participating in an F-Zero Grand Prix. However, he has never won a single one.

Night Thunder

Due to differences, some of the other pilots are not fond of Silver Neelsen, due to his nagging nature and especially when it comes to machine comparisons, as Silver is an old fashioned type of pilot.

Although he has considered doing so, he feels that he'll probably keep racing even after he turns 100. In his old age, he has gotten rather crotchety about racing and criticizes some of the new fangled devices used by the younger pilots.

F-Zero X 1st Place Quote

If Silver Neelsen happens to win the F-Zero GX Grand Prix, he said he would open the Silver Neelsen Museum with the prize money of 1 billion space credits. He also plans to celebrate his birthday.

F-Zero: GP Legend

Silver Neelsen's anime counterpart has a major appearance in Lap 14. He races against Jack Levin and Rick Wheeler in a Grand Prix, only for both the Night Thunder and Astro Robin to retire when the two vehicles crash into each other. After Rick wins the race, Jack, jealous of Rick's victory, meets Silver, who informs him that he hasn't won any races for a while. Silver invites him to meet him at the practice track tomorrow morning.

Clank researches Silver Neelsen on his computer and learns that he has entered the most amount of F-Zero races ever, believing that he should coach Jack to help him beat Rick Wheeler in the next race. The next morning, Silver sits on his machine, and he sees Jack arrive. He begins to get Jack to exercise by running on a treadmill, do pull ups on a bar with a machine tickling him, makes Jack do push ups while Silver squats on him, and even makes him shower him cold water. Later, the Astro Robin and Night Thunder do a practice race, only for the Night Thunder to win.

Silver, after the race, informs Jack that he raced because of a deal he made with a friend long ago, Anthony Ropkin. He and Anthony were the fastest racers, but Anthony always won. The day the two were supposed to race again, Silver got into an accident, preventing him from finishing the race, but the same happened with Anthony the same day.

Believing his friend to be dead, Silver decided to keep on racing, entering more races than any other pilot. On the news, he and Jack see a mysterious racer win the Grand Prix, and it's none other than Anthony, shocking Neelsen. Later, Anthony reveals to Silver that after the Night Thunder crashed, Anthony lost focus and his machine crashed too. He was put in a cold sleep, which is why he's alive and well. The two racers still have their deal. After more practicing, Silver tells Jack the next race may be his last.

The next day, Silver, Anthony, Jack and Rick all begin the race. It ends with Jack coming in first, Rick, finishing second, and Silver and Anthony both tying for third. Some fans run toward Silver and Anthony, making Jack remind Silver he was planning to retire, but Silver says he has a few years in him, much to Jack's frustration.

In later episodes, the Night Thunder makes several appearances, such as in Laps 27 and 30, but he doesn't make any physical appearance after Lap 14.

Pilot Profile Movies

Silver Strikes Back in "Moonlight Outlaw".

"Shadow Boxer!". Silver Neelsen vs. Michael Chain.

Silver first appears in Samurai Goroh's profile video, "Moonlight Outlaw". Silver walks slowly by Samurai, who quickly becomes impatient having to wait for the old man, and so drives past him, maing him spin out of control. When Goroh continues to drive, Silver somehow catches up to him, and whacks him in the head with his cane.

Silver then stars in his own Pilot Profile, "Shadow Boxer". In a downtown street, he makes boxing punching movements at nothing for Round 1, pauses for a brief moment, then continues to punch until he comes across Michael Chain. Silver winds up his arm and throws a punch, only to break his hand as "CRUNCH!" appears on the screen. Unsatisfied, Silver decides to walk away while still doing punching movements, with Michael looking back at him.


  • In an F-Zero GX interview with Neelsen, he admits that 98 is a young age.
  • It is not known how long Silver Neelsen has been racing for.
    • Although his anime counterpart has been racing for at least 70 years, this is not applicable due to differences between the main games and the anime related content.


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