Save Jody! is the fifth chapter of the story mode in F-Zero GX. It is unlocked by spending 35 tickets to purchase it in the F-Zero Shop after completing Challenge of the Bloody Chain. In this chapter, Captain Falcon's objective is to rescue Jody Summer from a power plant before it self-destructs.


As Captain Falcon travels through the Lightning area in search of Black Shadow, he finds John Tanaka looking worse for wear outside an exploding power station. John tells Falcon that Jody Summer is trapped inside the station, having been sent there to investigate the hyperactivity inside.


Falcon drives into the power station, where he finds Jody almost unconscious, and her White Cat written off. He helps her into the Blue Falcon, and both make their escape. Their route out is difficult, due to the station's several airtight doors closing down as they try to escape, but Falcon and Jody manage to escape with mere seconds to spare.

Outside, John watches helplessly as the power station explodes. He fears the worst, until he spots the Blue Falcon speeding out of the wreckage. As Falcon entrusts Jody to John's care, he spots Black Shadow, the source of the trouble, in the distance, and storms over to take care of business.

Difficulty Changes: Time to escape becomes shorter as stated, requiring practically perfect skills to escape sucessfully


  • As with the previous chapter, the Blue Falcon begins the chapter with the accelerator on, traveling at 935 km/h.
  • This is the only chapter in which the only changes between difficulty levels is to the time limit; unlike other chapters, the obstacles on the course do not change.
  • This story chapter is very reminiscent of another Nintendo franchise, Metroid. The player must escape from a location before it self-destructs, a common trend in that franchise. To add to the similarities, the player can collect "energy tanks" that restore the Blue Falcon's boost energy along the way; Energy Tanks appear as power-ups in Metroid. Even further, Jody Summer herself has an appearance that closely resembles Samus Aran's bikini after beating the first game under certain conditions.
  • If for whatever reason the Blue Falcon drives back towards the start of this track, there will be an invisible barrier blocking access to the core.
    • If the Blue Falcon drives fast enough straight towards this barrier however, the Blue Falcon will instantaneously explode upon contact.
  • Here's the intro music:

    F-Zero GX AX Music Story Mode Chapter 5 - Save Jody

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Save Jody!
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