Sand Ocean is a desolate planet whose entire surface is covered in sand dunes.[1] This planet's extremely arid frontier planet was thought to have been completely void of human life for many years.

However, F-Zero GX revealed that ruins of a 30,000-year-old civilization was found deep within the desert along with a monstrous alien lifeform by a fearless adventurer. This resulted in the planet becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the galaxy.[2]

Appearance in the games


Sand Ocean's planet

Sand Ocean appeared once in the original F-Zero game as part of the Knight Cup. It is a somewhat medium-sized track.

In F-Zero X it appears three times:

  • Appearing in the Jack Cup as a simple pipe course.
  • Appearing in the Joker Cup as an undulating course with a tunnel.
  • And also appearing in the Expansion kit game once as a cylinder course with two loops.

It also appears twice in F-Zero GX:

  • Surface Slide is a basic track with "S" turns.
  • Lateral Shifts requires you to shift your machine to the left or right to avoid falling off the course.

It appears in F-Zero GP Legend 3 times:

  • Caterpillar is based on Lateral Shift from F-Zero GX.
  • Caterpillar II is a harder variation of Caterpillar.
  • And Sand Ocean (SNES version) appears as a track in the Platinum Cup.
  • It's mentioned in Jody's, Capt. Falcon's, Black Shadow's, and Samurai Goroh's Stories.

It appears five times in F-Zero Climax:

  • High Speed Edge appears as the second circuit in the Bronze Cup.
  • Key Break appears as the third circuit during the Gold Cup.
  • High Speed Edge II appears as the first track in the Silver Cup's Expert mode.
  • Key Break II appears as the fourth course in the Gold Cup's Expert mode.
  • Key Break III appears in the Gold Cup's Master difficulty as the third circuit.
  • Sand Ocean appears in the Platinum Cup's 6th circuit, much like in GP Legend.


  • In F-Zero, the Silence track can be found on the west side of this course.
  • In BS F-Zero Grand Prix/Grand Prix 2, and Climax, the Sand Storm and Key Break courses feature Death Wind's gusty gimmick.



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