One of Alias' ancestors was Rose, a New York policewoman who was friends with Haruka, and vital to preserving her diary for Rick.

She was only seen in Lap 36, Haruka

Clank returns to the Falcon House with trinkets from his visit to Alias and brought home some intriguing discoveries - a photo of Rick in his Formula One days, and what appears to be Haruka's diary.

Curious why those were in Alias's house, Clank explains his place is full of weird crap, including a secret room. That still doesn't explain why his stuff is in their house; perhaps Alias's family are Haruka's descendents, though that seems unlikely. Rick takes the diary with him to check it himself, though Clank is disappointed he doesn't get to see what's inside. The first page of the diary mentions Haruka's friend Rose introducing her to Rick for the first time, and as far as he was concerned, it was destiny.

That's a cute way of saying it; at that time Rick was a chump driver who rarely won races, though Haruka was always there to lift him up and raise his spirits. The two grew more intimate, and Rick had planned to surprise her with a proposal ring, though his fateful pursuit of Zoda obviously put a snag in that plan. 

The diary explains what happens after his accident: Rose, a New York police officer, granted Haruka permission to see Rick, but it was too late, he was already being put into cold sleep...and that was the last time she ever saw him. While Rick was destined to reawake in a world unlike his own...Haruka was left to cope with her grief. The police were doing everything they could to bring Zoda to justice, but that wasn't enough for her; if they couldn't do it, she'd take care of it herself. Rose tried convincing her not to, but it was to no avail. Haruka may have been scared, but this was the only answer she knew of.

Rose (right) with Haruka and Rick in diary photo

Rick takes what he's learnt to the Falcon House for everyone to muse upon. Well, it's pretty clear that Haruka never got revenge if Zoda's still alive and kicking 150 years later, though that doesn't mean no one came close. Back when Zoda was the tyrant of New York City, a fat cash reward was offered for his capture, and one of his minions snitched to the police: he would be attacking the East Bank.

Rose and the cops had a trap prepared for him, though despite having this in the bag, they still found Haruka lurking around the precinct, eager for justice. The cops lay in wait, watching as Zoda crashed a lorry right through the front of the bank and began raising a ruckus--only to find the joint deserted! Potted plants and pillars removed their disguises to reveal police capture drones, firing lasers at the dissidents and filling the zone with freezing gas. Zoda was captured at last! Rose rushed to Haruka's apartment to spring the good news on her, but the race queen was nowhere to be found.

Only a diary and a letter lay on her table, repeating her desire to take on Zoda herself. Rose penned the last entry in the diary, stating Zoda had been escorted to the freezing facility before she could reach the bank, and Haruka was nowhere to be found. She could only hope this diary would find its way into Rick's hands.

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