Roger Buster is a character who works as a deliveryman, and also competes as an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero tournaments. He makes his debut in F-Zero X and returns in the sequels.


A very serious man, Roger Buster entered the cargo shipping business with his friend, Draq. Although Roger had been an avid fan of F-Zero, his dedication did not nearly match that of Draq's. Roger's cargo company delivered across the galaxy and a famous motto of his was that, "No consignment is too dangerous!" One set of cargo happened to be two F-Zero machines that lacked a return address.

Mighty Hurricane

Mighty Hurricane

Without anyone to deliver the machines to, Draq convinced Roger that they should both enter the Grand Prix with the machines. That way the owner would identify them and they could finish the delivery. However, no one stepped forward to claim the machines, so Roger and Draq entered again the next year. Although Draq would like to win enough money to afford his own machine, Roger simply wants to complete the delivery.


  • One of Roger Buster's lines in the interview in the Japanese version "First of all, on a nice cold beer!" may explain why he crashes his truck in his cutscene. But, it was censored overseas so instead of beer he says "First of all, on a nice cold drink!"

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