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Roger Buster is a character who works as a deliveryman, and also competes as an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero tournaments. He makes his debut in F-Zero X and returns in the sequels.


A very serious man, Roger Buster entered the cargo shipping business with his friend, Draq. Roger's cargo company delivered across the galaxy and a famous motto of his was that, "No consignment is too dangerous!" One set of cargo happened to be two F-Zero machines that lacked a return address.

Mighty Hurricane

Without anyone to deliver the machines to, Draq convinced Roger that they should both enter the Grand Prix with the machines. That way the owner would identify them and they could finish the delivery. However, no one stepped forward to claim the machines, so Roger and Draq entered again the next year. Although Draq would like to win enough money to afford his own machine, Roger simply wants to complete the delivery.


Roger's Anime counterpart made a cameo appearance with Draq in two Laps. The first was in Lap 9, The Promise, and Roger met up with the kid, Alias, at the Falcon House who was scheduled to get heart surgery. Roger and Rick Wheeler became rivals before the Fake Star Cup and the former made the incentive to get him exotic mangos. Unfortunately, Pico shot a speed-sensitive sensor onto each machine. And following Draq's disregard for his welfare since they can't exceed the orange zone, he and Rick Wheeler did the same, and the Dragon Bird won without incident as Captain Falcon disabled the blimp. Draq was soon forgiven by Roger, though, and Alias still got the mangos he wanted as he and the two deliverymen headed to his destination for his heart surgery.

In Lap 45, Zoda's Other Ambition, he was again taken hostage, with Draq, by Dark Million. Only this time, it was Zoda demanding what's in the cargo they shipped to Lightning. Draq blurted out he won't get away and they have friends in the Galaxy Platoon, making Zoda admire their catch. Through the records, they were shipping ingredients to make a biological weapon similar to the liquid Blood Falcon. The Galaxy Runner received the signal but was cut off, and Zoda demanded in order to rescue them, they must investigate the empty warehouse Dark Million's been using; the team suspected it can be a trap since a third party's used to keep their plans secret. They were thrown into a cell for a short while before a special spy saved their hides, leaving an injured Roger who failed to fight Zoda earlier. So they participated in distracting Lightning's lethal defenses as the Task Force enter the base. During the scrimmage between Rick and Black Shadow, despite Roger and his Mighty Hurricane being tossed around a few times, they finally made their getaway before the hideout exploded.


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