In the Japanese version, his real name is Ryu Suzaku. A champion racer and a detective, Rick's life came to a tragic end, not before he was awake from cryo sleep for 150 years. Now a member of the Galaxy Mobile Platoon, Rick now competes in F-Zero races, but vows to bring the one who nearly killed him to justice, Zoda. His vehicle is the Dragon Bird.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Rick Wheeler has competed in many races. In the second episode of the anime F-Zero: GP Legend, he cross paths with the mysterious Captain Falcon and has worked with and raced against him in various occasions.

However, in the final episode, Bart Lemming makes a last stand against Black Shadow, and passes on the title of Captain Falcon to Rick Wheeler. After Bart's disappearance, Rick Wheeler becomes the new Captain Falcon with Clank Hughes taking over the Dragon Bird.

In F-Zero Climax he becomes the new Captain Falcon.


  • Rick Wheeler's design and Japanese version name was partially inspired by Ryu from Capcom's Street Fighter, his Japanese voice actor even voiced Street Fighter Ryu. Near the end of the anime he is seen in a waterfall while wearing a white dogi with a black belt. This makes him the second F-Zero pilot to reference a video game character owned by a 3rd party company. The first pilot that does this is PJ.

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