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Red Canyon is a location in the F-Zero games. It is notorious for being the favored location of Samurai Goroh and his gang.

it is mentioned by Samurai Goroh in the story mode of F-Zero GX, that whoever loses a race in the canyon, must forfeit their machine, (though it is rather ironic that Samurai Goroh loses a race to Captain Falcon and does not forfeit his machine, however it is possible that Goroh made up the lie).

According to F-Zero GP Legend, this planet is the site of many space pirate ambushes and is the least safe F-Zero venue.

Appearances in F-Zero

Red Canyon appears twice in the original F-Zero. Red Canyon 1 has a zigzag and a few 135 degree turns, while Red Canyon 2 features more 135 degree turns, a giant shortcut and a Minefield.

Appearances in F-Zero X

Red Canyon, once again, appears twice in F-Zero X in the Queen and King Cup:

  • Red Canyon 1 is named Multi Jump, which has many jumps.
  • Red Canyon 2 is named Slim Line, which has a long slimline.

Appearances in F-Zero GX

Red Canyon, unlike in the previous games, appears just once, but only in Story Mode Chapter 2. In this chapter, Falcon races Samurai Goroh to the end in this 1-lap circuit. This course is also famed for its falling boulders.

Upon getting 1st place on this track on Very Hard Mode, Princia is unlocked.


  • The original Red Canyon music theme has different beats in F-Zero GX.
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