Rainbow Road

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Rainbow Road (F-Zero X)

Rainbow Road is the first course of the Joker Cup in F-Zero X. It is the same as in Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart 8, this even though the track was altered to fit in with the F-Zero theme. Star-shaped barriers have been removed, and road bumps have been put in place of the Mario universe's Chain Chomps. The course also isn't completely rainbow-colored, with many dark gray areas.

The lore idea that the track was entirely rebuilt on a much larger scale in F-Zero, can accommodate both the fact that the tracks are different from each game, and the fact that the vehicles somehow roll the map in the same times in all three games while being hyper-speed hover modules able to reach 1000Km/h on F-Zero X and simple Go-Karts on Mario Kart 64/8.

Rainbow tracks also show up in some other X cup courses.

The well-known shortcut from Mario Kart 64 is blocked in F-Zero X and results in death even if aimed properly due to the control point system used to create the F-Zero X courses. If the player has the F-Zero X Expansion Kit, a heavy metal remix of Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road theme will play instead of the normal music.

Every game in the Mario Kart series has a different version of the track, serving as the Grand Prix Finale. This one is based on the Mario Kart 64 track of the same name, which – in aforementioned game – is the final course of the Special Cup (Mario Kart 64's equivalent to the Joker Cup), the longest course of the whole franchise, and one of the hardest.


  • Rainbow Road actually existed at one point in F-Zero GX. Even the title 'Rainbow Road' existed. The reason for it's 'replacement' is due to a number of contributing factors: [1]
    • Phantom Road is actually a recolored Rainbow Road. The original coloring was much more brighter, and the background squares moved at a much more faster pace. All this was likely was likely toned and slowed down due to concerns the bright colors may induce seizures. Because the coloring of the tracks and the slower background speed produced a rather gloomy scenery shift, the name 'Phantom Road' was eventually adopted.


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