Rainbow Road (F-Zero X)

Rainbow Road is the first Joker Cup course in F-Zero X. It is the same as in Mario Kart 64, though the track was altered to fit in line with the F-Zero theme. Barriers have been removed, and road bumps have been put in place of Chain Chomps. The course is not completely rainbow-colored, with many dark gray areas. Rainbow tracks also show up in some X cup courses. Also note that the well-known shortcut from Mario Kart 64 results in death even if aimed properly due to the control point system used to create the F-Zero X courses. If one has the F-Zero Expansion Kit, a remix of Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road music will play instead of the normal music.

Every game in the Mario Kart series has a different version of the track. This version is based on the Mario Kart 64 track of the same name. Rainbow Road serves as the final course of the Special Cup and is among the hardest of courses.

It is also making an appearance as the final track of the Crystal Cup in F-Zero WX but it will be a different shaped circuit known as Rainbow Road- Mario Kart.

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