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* Number: 40
[[File:Rainbow Phoenix.gif|thumb|Rainbow Phoenix - overview|250px|thumb|right]]
* Creator: Unknown
* '''Number''': 40
* Engine: RP2001x2
* '''Creator''': Unknown
* Weight: 1080 kg
* '''Engine''': RP2001x2
* Body: B
* '''Weight''': 1080 kg
* Boost: B
* '''Body''': B
* Grip: C
* '''Boost''': B
* '''Grip''': C
== Trivia==
== Trivia==

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The Rainbow Phoenix is an F-Zero machine piloted by Phoenix.



Rainbow Phoenix

The Rainbow Phoenix is usually used as an undercover patrol car. It was not built by the Galactic Space Police, though--Phoenix designed and built it himself in secret. It is tuned to be a very easy machine for novice pilots to control. Since it is actually a machine from the future made with an unknown advanced technology it has the ability to win the championship easily. Because of this unfair advantage, a limiter has been installed to reduce its capabilities. The Rainbow Phoenix currently runs at only 80 percent of its potential. It is a very easy to control machine, and most of its abilities are balanced much like the Blue Falcon.


Rainbow Phoenix

Rainbow Phoenix - overview

  • Number: 40
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Engine: RP2001x2
  • Weight: 1080 kg
  • Body: B
  • Boost: B
  • Grip: C


  • In F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX, when you use the Rainbow Phoenix's boost, its wings expand, making it one of the more popular machines amongst many.
  • Despite having "Rainbow" in its name, the Rainbow Phoenix has just 2 colors on each color swap, not all 7.


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