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QQQ is a junk robot that was found buried within a scrap pile in a galactic waste-management facility. It's still unclear why it was discarded there but it was coincidentally picked up from the heap and repaired by a very able space-police detective named Phoenix and quickly became his partner. Its original purpose was for land mine detection and disposal, meaning that it possesses a very durable body. In its time period of the 29th century, the robot's construction was considered obsolete. However, its AI is considerably advanced for any time period before the 29th century, and especially so in the 27th century.

It was repaired by Phoenix who aimed to use him as mission support. The robot has the necessary navigation hardware to traverse time as well, though the damage caused when it was discarded has made it impossible for it to use it. Until it is repaired, it has accompanied Phoenix in his mission, which means entering the F-Zero Grand Prix to help prevent a possible universe-changing event that is due to occur. In order to win, it has analyzed Captain Falcon's racing data and put it to use.

Rolling Turtle in F-Zero GX

QQQ is tortured by the knowledge that some very important data lies somewhere in its AI programming, since the robot was damaged when it was thrown away, its memory cannot currently access it. The truth of the mystery data is this: QQQ was brought from the future by Phoenix and has the necessary navigation hardware needed to traverse time. However if its AI is not repaired (thereby restoring its memory), it will never be able to return to the future.




  • QQQ is the only character that drives with part of its body outside the F-Zero machine.
  • Its name is pronounced "Q3", as depicted on its chest plate.

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