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Black Shadow's Disgrace is the prologue of the Story Mode in F-Zero GX.


Black Shadow is speeding along a road, attempting to escape another car that is hunting him down violently. His pursuant eventually gets the better of him, reducing the Black Bull to a written-off wreck in the middle of the road. As Black Shadow climbs out of his vehicle, Deathborn grabs him by his neck, and berates him for failing to win the last Grand Prix. Black Shadow begs Deathborn for mercy. Deathborn gives him one final chance, saying that if he does not win the next Grand Prix, then he will be punished, and he "knows the price of failure".


Black Shadow: "Agh, wait! Just give me one more chance!"

Deathborn: "One more chance is all you get! Win this F-Zero Grand Prix or...

...you know the price of failure. (releases Black Shadow)

Black Shadow: "Yes, yes, I can win it this time. I sware it!

Music: Are you prepared to play the game? The dare's the only price for faaaaaammmmmmeee!

(Note: The word "help" is shown in the Subtitles, but isn't spoken by Black Shadow.)


  • This, and Chapter 1, are the only two chapters that do not need to be purchased from the F-Zero Shop before they become playable.
    • Similarly, these two Chapters' Cutscenes (intro cutscene in the case of Chapter 1) appear during a Demo reel in the Main Title screen of F-Zero GX.
  • This chapter consists entirely of one single FMV cutscene, and is the only chapter that features no playable sections.
  • Here's the intro music:

    F-Zero GX AX Music Story Mode Prologue - Black Shadow's Disgrace

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Chapter #0
Black Shadow's disgrace
Chapter #1
Captain Falcon Trains