• Age: 16
  • Sex: Female

Princia Ramode is the princess of the Desert Kingdom on the Planet Magica. Her characteristic curiousity often leads her into mischief and often gets her into dangerous predicaments. In order to increase her wisdom and life experience before becoming Queen, she secretly ran off with her servants on an adventure to a host of different planets. Though mostly it was to escape the boring palace life and her controlling father.

When she arrived on Earth, she happened to catch a glimpse of an F-ZERO Grand Prix and whimsically decided that she, too, wanted to race. Knowing that no amount of persuasion will budge her on something, her servants were left with no choice but to prepare a machine that fully utilized the scientific technology of Magica. In an interview with Mr. Zero who asks if she likes any of the racers, Princia responded "Yes: Samurai Goroh. I've never met anyone like him".[1]

She doesn't consider herself a very good pilot (or even that graceful), but she's in it for the thrills and adventure.


Racer #35
Dai Goroh
Racer #36
Princia Ramode
Racer #37
Lily Flyer
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