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The following is a list of all quotes spoken by Princia Ramode.

F-Zero GX (F-Zero TV Interview)

Dialogue Voice Clip
"It was so much fun! I'd love to do it again!"
"We never have this much fun in the royal palace."
"I had the Royal Research Institute make it. It wasn't easy keeping it a secret from my father."
"I was just lucky! All the drivers were evenly matched."
"Anytime! I look forward to racing them again!"
"Father, look at me. Isn't it time you started treating me as an adult?"
"It can't be over already! How about one more race?"
"This is my first taste of freedom and I love it! Now I want to go somewhere else."
"It's money I earned all by myself so I'll think about it carefully."
"Autograph? What do you want me to write?"
"Private tutors and parties with my friends. Dull! Dull! Dull!"
"Samurai Goroh? I've never met anyone like him."
"Hehehehe! That's classified top secret by my country."
"It's even more exciting than I had imagined!"
"I'm not the graceful type. I like the rough and tumble of a good fight, ahhehehehe!"
"I'll be back!" (kiss and blow)


  • The ingame files lists Princia's name as 'Prisia'. It is likely a variation of her name pronounced in Japanese.
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