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"What a joke! I was hoping for some competition!"
— Pico

Pico (ピコ?) is a character in Nintendo's F-Zero series of video games. Although the character first appeared in the instruction manual of F-Zero, published in 1990, only his machine appeared in-game along with the other three pilots.[1] It was not until F-Zero X that he actually appeared in-game. The character's only appearance outside of the main series was in the anime F-Zero: GP Legend, and its Series of Games.

Pico is an ex-military hitman. In F-Zero GX, he was known as a former assassin of a special unit in the Poripoto army where he carried out a number of dangerous missions.


Pico is described as a highly aggressive cold-hearted pilot rumored to be a competent hit-man in the first F-Zero game which was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.[1] In the game manual he was stated to be a former soldier in the Polipoto Army's Special Fighting Unit and a member of the Death Wind Tribe.[1] F-Zero X confirmed that he was indeed part of the Poripoto army.[2]

In F-Zero X, Pico claims to be 123, then claimed to be 124 a year later in F-Zero GX.[3] However, in the first F-Zero game, he was 34.[1]

Physical appearance

Pico initially had a more humanoid appearance, albeit with green skin and a long head in the SNES era. But in later games, Pico resembles a turtle and has a brown, tortoise-like shell on his back. His skin is covered by a unique veiny muscle structure prominent on his arms and legs. His elongated head features a mouth full of fangs and two small, yellow eyes. Pico wears an orange breastplate with yellow markings and wires that connect it to his shell. He wears blue gloves, and blue bands around his shoulders, knees, and midsection. Pico also wears red underwear and red boots covered by metal ankle guards.


F-Zero games

He first appeared in the 1990 game F-Zero, as one of four original characters in the game and the only one out of the four that has not been seen outside of the F-Zero series. He was introduced as a mysterious alien racer from the 26th century. However, only his machine actually was shown in the game, portrayed by a two-dimensional sprite-- it wasn't until F-Zero X would he actually appear in-game.

The game F-Zero Maximum Velocity is the single story mode driven game in the series not to feature this character.[4]

Wild Goose

In F-Zero GX, many considered Pico's reckless driving to be the cause of a major accident that ended the F-Zero Grand Prix four years prior to the events in this game. This has caused much of his fan base to disappear seemingly overnight. However, this fact does not seem to deter Pico from being an absolute menace on the race track. After retirement from the army, Pico opened a small shop near the military base, but he still operates as a notorious assassin.[5] If he wins the F-Zero Grand Prix, he will use the money to host the "Pico Cup".[6]

F-Zero GP Legend

Pico preparing to shoot John Tanaka.

In the anime, Pico's anime counterpart was a hired assassin for Dark Million, mostly working for Zoda. His first appearance was when he was a sniper as he shot speed-sensitive bombs onto each machine during the Fake Star Cup, where Rick, Capt. Falcon, and Roger Buster competed. However, the bounty hunter leapt off the course and disabled the blimp operating the bombs, deactivating them. If they were to reach above or below the red zone, they'd detonate, and it was only a ploy for Draq to give the profits to Dark Million.

Pico's second appearance was when he was trying to murder John Tanaka, the Task Force director, as he delivered a package, but his plan was thwarted by Jody Summer. He escaped as Rick was pursuing him, then he posed as a cab driver on its way to the Port Town cruise where Kate Alen was performing; it was a way to smuggle the stolen data chips off planet, but Tanaka unknowingly followed him. The officer was being shot at, till Jody, Rick and Lucy chased him and his cronies away. He's known as a brutal assassin, but not as much as an F-Zero pilot.

Pilot Profile Movies

Pico sure loves blasting things.

Only Pico himself appears in his Profile video "Polishing up the License to Kill." Taking place in a barren forest, he uses a large rifle to shoot two standees, followed by six more standees popping up. Taking two small pistols from his leg holsters, Pico shoots four of them side to side. Reloading his guns, he notices more standees pop up, performs a spinning jump, and shoots one of them, and another from behind him. He then performs a backflip to shoot another standee behind him. When the final standee pops us, Pico quickly shoots that one too. Done with his target practice, he walks away. The backside of the last standee is shown to reveal a drawing of Black Shadow.

Super Smash Bros. series

He appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit in Adventure Mode and is represented by Bowser. In the World of Light Mode, It is required to obtain his spirit in order to drive the Wild Goose which is sitting on the race track area, representing a race track similar to the F-Zero franchise.


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