• Age: 26
  • Sex: Male

Known mainly as Phoenix, he is a space cop that hails from the 29th century. As part of the Galactic Space Police, one of his duties is protecting the timeline from criminals who are known to escape into the past or future to do damage. Besides his duties, he is also a brilliant mechanic and designed his own time machine, the Rainbow Phoenix . He also restored the discarded QQQ to be his partner.

He traveled to the 27th century to enter the Grand Prix in order to stop a criminal that was going to cause an event that could have drastic consequences on the future. In order to prepare, he received training from a 20th century racer and reduced his time machine's functionality to be comparable to other machines of the time period. Despite his mission, he has made it no secret that he is from the future and that he has a mission, though as part of his duties he can't reveal information on the future. After his work is finished, he intends to travel to the 32nd century to track down a different criminal.


  • Phoenix seems to be a mix of Captain Falcon and Viewtiful Joe.
    • Because of this, it's been believed that Phoenix is actually Captain Falcon's descendant.

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