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These are all the quotes spoken by Phoenix.

F-Zero TV Interview

Dialogue Voice Clip
"I'll remember this all my life."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 1
"I came from the future. We heard there would be some criminals from the 29th century entering the race."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 2
"This is the very best of 29th Century technology."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 3
"A famous racer of the 20th Century taught me all his secrets."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 4
"I'll see you in the 29th Century, if you live that long!"
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 5
"The Time Patrol is fighting to protect your lives. Don't forget it!"
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 6
"It's a privilege to have won such a prestigious race!"
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 7
"I have to say goodbye. There's a criminal I need to chase to the 32nd Century."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 8
"I can't accept it. It's part of the Time Patrol credo. Use it for World Peace."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 9
"Just one. I'm in a hurry!"
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 10
"I like this Century, but to protect it, I need to keep doing my job."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 11
"I am not allowed to pass on information unless it's vital to my duties."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 12
"Yes, it's good to get back to the 29th Century and check, that the History books haven't been rewritten."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 13
"In a slightly different form, yes. I can't tell you anymore than that. You'll just have to wait and see."
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 14
"Of Course! The Patrol Recruits from each Century!"
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 15
"A Crim...we almost had him!"
Phoenix (sherlock) Voice Clip 16


  • All of Phoenix's recorded Audio is registered under the name sherlock.
    • This is a possible reference to Sherlock Holmes, who is a detective in a similar fashion to Phoenix. It is possible this character was the inspiration for Phoenix's role in-game.
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