Phantom Road is a course in F-Zero GX. It has two different tracks in total.

An area covered in mysterious secrets. Rumors say that it's actually a black hole, explaining the odd behavior of the track. Other rumors say that the track is completely computer generated, a track in cyberspace, or a whole new dimension. The ultimate challenge!

Slim-Line Slits

Slim-Line Slits is the final course in the Diamond Cup. This is among the hardest courses if not the hardest course in F-Zero GX. with Ice-Slip zones, Split roads, Cheating AI, Inverted and twisting turns, and Pit zones that end with no guard rails. The one lap on this course is about 13220 meters long.

Depending on the vehicle, using too much boost on a certain uphill area will cause your machine to fly off the track.

Story Mode: Chapter 9

Mission 9, the last chapter of story mode, takes place here and just like its Grand-Prix counterpart it is extremely challenging. with no walls or hazards (Other than falling off the course) it is impossible to run out of boost here and die. On a side note, the are no walls on this course at all. And to top that there are a series of tricky turns that could require a near-perfect drift and control. 


  • It is worth noting the fact that Phantom Road is quite literally the F-Zero counterpart to Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart franchise (which, interestingly enough, actually appeared in F-Zero X for the Nintendo 64).
    • Phantom Road is actually a toned down Rainbow Road, seen within the Data of F-Zero AX. This is due to Rainbow Road originally having fast moving bright colors all around the Track(s) which likely would have led to possible seizures. Because of the toned down colors and speed thereof, the name Phantom Road was eventually adopted.



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