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PJ is a taxi driver known for his skillful, though law-breaking driving.


One of the best cabbies in the galaxy; PJ worked for Galaxy Cab, a taxi service that travels from planet to planet all over the universe. He was the highest fare earner of them all and was noted for his skilled driving that never followed traffic laws. As a result, he often would get involved in high-speed chases with the Galactic Federation Police, but he always managed to elude them. He always considered his worst passengers to be drunks or couples who could not get their hands off each other.

Groovy Taxi

Due to being the best cabbie in the company, he got into a fight when he demanded an increase in wages (as well as a larger taxi to accommodate passengers up to 30' tall). He ended up getting suspended from his job, leaving him without an income or anything for his taxi to do. However, when he spotted an article about the F-Zero Grand Prix, he decided to retool his taxi cab into an F-Zero machine and enter the race. Despite his suspension, he still races for the company to the extent of advertising their services and wearing his cabbie uniform.



  • PJ can be seen in F-Zero GX's story mode in Chapter 3.
  • Because F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX were developed in partnership with SEGA, PJ is probably a reference to SEGA's Crazy Taxi series. This makes him the first F-Zero pilot to reference a video game character owned by a 3rd party company. The second pilot to do this is Rick Wheeler.
  • PJ wears his taxi hat during the races while in the cockpit

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