Age: 35

Sex: Male

PJ works as a cabbie for Galaxy Cab, a company whose taxis travel from splanet to planet all over the universe. As the biggest earner at Galaxy Cab, he demanded an increase in wages, which resulted in a fight with the owner of the company and wound up earning him a temporary suspension. PJ then saw an article about the F-ZERO races and it changed his life. He took all his savings and transformed his taxi into an F-ZERO machine. Can he really take the driving skills that he forged as a taxi driver and use them to win the Grand Prix?

PJ states in his interviews that he has outrun the "police" many times in his taxi and can be assumed to be a reckless but reliable driver/pilot.

Racer #37
Lily Flyer
Racer #38
Racer #39
Characters of F-Zero
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