Only One Falcon

Only One Falcon
General Information
Original broadcast May 4, 2004
Series F-Zero: GP Legend
Season 2
Episode number 30
Production number 30
Overall number 30
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The latest Mute City race is winding to an exciting finish, the Dragon Bird and Blue Falcon locked in a dead heat for first place. The two initiate their Boost Fire, spinning their way to the finish line...when an unexpected explosion rocks the stadium. The two racers slow to a halt before a plume of smoke, and out of it steps Blood Falcon, demanding a race with Captain Falcon. Just as suddenly as he appeared, he vanishes in another explosion. The Galaxy Mobile Platoon are quick to investigate this, and witness a Dark Million battle station departing from the scene.

Despite having attacked the stadium, the F-Zero Committee have Blood Falcon booked for the next race, and Tanaka orders the Platoon to prevent his victory. Talk of the Falcon duel is all over the Falcon House, and Jack's hopes of defeating the two of them are shattered by Clank, who reads him his embarrassing win-loss ratio to Captain Falcon. The team are called away for practice, and Rick is especially upset by Blood Falcon's request - that punk totally ignored him!

Jody visits the Cyborg Graduate School to check on Dr. Stewart and grill him about Blood Falcon - just who is he, what does he want, and why does he look exactly like Captain Falcon? The doctor doesn't appear interested, saying they're bound to find out sooner or later, and he returns to his top secret project.

The Platoon arrive early at the upcoming track, Lightning, and express fear over the fact it's situated in the middle of a lightning storm. Not to worry, there are lightning rods to direct the storms away from the track itself. Jody enters, demanding to know where Dr. Stewart is. Clash answers he's off eyeing up the competition...but there's only one other racer at the stadium, and that's...Blood Falcon! While a group of Death Soldiers tend to his Blood Hawk, Dr. Stewart hides in the shadows, loading a pistol with a chemical he had produced in his lab. Mustering up his courage, he leaps out with his gun raised...but his target isn't there!

The clone appears behind him and knocks his gun to the floor, the Death Soldiers cornering him on all sides. Blood Falcon cackles before speaking to him: "It's thanks to you that I was born." Shocked, the doctor makes a dive for his pistol, but is stomped to the ground and has a weapon pressed to his face.

A shot fires out, disabling the robots and distracting Blood Falcon - it's Jody and Rick! While the captain attends to the doctor, Rick confronts the attacker and sheathes his weapon as the two ready themselves for fisticuffs. Rick opens with a punch, missing twice before they begin grappling...but Blood Falcon is the stronger of the two, kneeing Rick in the gut before punching and upper cutting him against the wall. Before he can even get his breath back, the clone lifts him by the throat and begins choking the life out of him.

Jody tries thumping him in the back to no avail, and has Rick thrown on top of her. They urge Dr. Stewart to run to safety, but Blood Falcon advances upon them, more than willing to kill them where they stand. Suddenly, a pin strikes the ground by Blood Falcon's feet...

It's Captain Falcon! His arrival is what the clone was really waiting for, and the Captain agrees to his challenge; whoever wins the race is the better man.

The Lightning race begins and Captain Falcon is the first one out of the starting grid, leading the race with the Great Star, Astro Robin and Dragon Bird not far behind. In the stadium, Lucy and Jody are grilling the doctor on the gun he was wielding, but Clash tells them to lay off until the race is over; this is an exciting match!

Hairpin corners are no match for the leading racers, though they give just enough distance between them for Rick Wheeler and Captain Falcon to take the lead, dueling for first. This is exactly the one-on-one race Rick was hoping for - just a test of skill between him and the Captain with no interference.

Unfortunately for them, their rivals are closing in fast - Blood Falcon and Miss Killer! She issues orders to her comrade to eliminate their enemies, but the clone instead pulls a u-turn and drives in the opposite direction! The madman racer comes pounding down on the incoming racers, knocking each and every one of them aside like they weren't even there...and without a single scratch to show for it! The smoking pile of downed machines leaves only the Blood Hawk, Blue Falcon, Moon Shadow and Dragon Bird in the race.

The Blood Hawk miraculously catches up to the leading racers from behind, knocking Rick and Miss Killer aside so he can race with Captain Falcon man to man. The two boost ahead, leaving the Dragon Bird and Moon Shadow in the dust - he tries to catch up, but Miss Killer won't let him, ramming him furiously.

The two Falcons continue to boost without end, fighting for dominance. They run the loop, race through the tunnel and over the bumps, but there's no telling who's going to take the lead. Blood Falcon is assured of his victory...but Rick calls him out - he's not allowed to beat Captain Falcon! That's his rival! He gives the signal to the Captain, and the two initiate their Spin Booster, giving them a serious burst of speed as they clash passed their rivals. Rick and Falcon take the lead...but the Blood Hawk catches up using its very own Spin Booster - Blood Fire! His machine gets between theirs as the three clash it out, fighting for first as they draw nearer and nearer to the finish line...

Suddenly, the Blood Hawk stops spinning and slows down, fumes spilling from its rear. This mechanical failure gives Captain Falcon the gap he needs to make first, Rick taking second and even Miss Killer hitting third before the clone can even sputter passed the finish line.

Rick and Captain Falcon rush out of their machines to the Blood Hawk, demanding to challenge the pilot in person. Blood Falcon isn't moving...until he gives a sinister smile. Without warning, a burst of lightning strikes the machine, exploding it in a massive, fiery wreck. Rick is knocked off his feet...and as the rain falls, there is nothing to be found of Blood Falcon amidst the wreckage. Watching this from the stadium, Dr. Stewart finally confesses: Blood Falcon is a clone of Captain Falcon, and the result of Black Shadow stealing his medical data. The serum he had planned to fire at the clone was to degenerate its cells, to make up for his mistake. Being a clone, it's clear Black Shadow has access to a Bio-Study, but the question did he get Captain Falcon's DNA?

As the pit crew clean up on the track, Rick looks to Falcon for guidance. He gives him some ominous words: "Only the one who surpasses Falcon can become Falcon." The Captain leaves without another word, departing silently.

Miss Killer returns to Black Shadow's throne room to find it empty, but her master's voice still beckons to her. A hidden elevator carries her to a secret chamber, where he shows her a hallway filled to the brim with containment pods...and inside each and every one of them is a copy of Blood Falcon!


  • The track in this episode is based off the Lightning: Thunder Road course from F-Zero AX, which features the same right-angle turns and bumps. That's right, we finally see Lightning in the series!
  • Blood Falcon and the Blood Hawk make their official debut here, and in Japan it's often called the Hell Hawk.
  • "Only the one who surpasses Falcon can become Falcon." These words would be proven true later.
  • Believe it or not, most of the footage was used for the 4Kids intro of GP Legend; sadly, the episodes never exceeded 15, so this never came to pass...



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